I’ve been designing websites, interfaces and products since 2013. For 8 years I worked in Design Bureau as web and graphic designer.

In 2017 joined investment company NordEast and had role of marketing director in one line of business. My responsibilities included the creation of new ideas for investment and their implementation.

I designed new ideas, products, managed the full cycle of their creation. Through design, we have improved business performance and customer responsiveness, making the provision of our company’s services the most convenient for them.

After the pandemic, the activity of the company decreased, and since May 2022 I have been freelancing.


Currently I live in St. Petersburg, Russia, but I plan on moving westward.

Creating and design products is my life. This is what I love and what I’m good at. I learn like you wouldn’t believe and get things done. Have some interesting things to achieve? Get in touch me.

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